MC Enterprise LLC

It's part of MC ENTERPRISE LLC, bussines management team to locate this funds
auditing throughout "appraisals system", networking, software technology, researching
and professional staffing.
MC ENTERPRISE LLC, has invested the resources for you to recover lost and unclaimed assets
our staff count with a team of independent professionals dedicated to locate, research
claim, process and deliver results.
We serve as your strategic partner, offering finance in every step of the way investing
our resources time and energy to make the process affordable for you.


MC Enterprice LLC

MC ENTERPRISE LLC, acts on your behalf understanding the importance of recovering
assests that may belong to you on a timely manner.
The Escheatment Process is critical element of our bussines by protecting your interest
making you aware of this assets or funds available to you on a narrow period of time to be
claimed by the individuals to whom it belongs, then the agency by law or federal regulations
must hold these funds turning over to a secure bulk never able to claim again.
If this resources left unclaimed, this funds will eventually be lost permanently to the
agencies holding it. Without a company like MC ENTERPRISE LLC, on your side the
process of pursuing for this funds would be almost impossible.