MC Enterprise LLC



Where does this funds come from?          
The assets could be generated from: Forgotten checking accounts, forgotten savings accounts, 
traveler's checks, safety deposit boxes, stocks, bonds, trust distributions, refunds, uncashed
checks, gift certificates, life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposits, gift cards MR QUESTON.jpg
utility security deposits, uncashed money orders, mineral 
royalty payments, outstanding payroll checks and many 
IS MC ENTERPRISE LLC, a collection agency?
Generally collection agencies specializes in the collection 
of delinquent debt, whereas MC ENTERPRISE LLC, operates
on your behalf specializing in helping people in collecting
the assets or funds that may be rightfully theirs.
What is a Structured Settlement  
Who are we?      
MC ENTERPRISE LLC, has already invested long hours of
hard work and unlimited resources digging for you to
recover assets or funds, " Our mission is to helping people"
How and why did you locate me?          
MC ENTERPRISE LLC, professional staff audit numerous public records. These records include
but are not limited to: change of address filings, voter registrations, telephone directories,
city and town indexes, driver's records, military registers, marriage and divorce fillings, birth
and death certificates, property ownership documents, and court records.  
If I realy were owed any compensation or funds, wouldn't I have been contacted about it?
and given me the funds?            
Most private and public institutions do not invest the time and resources to locate people 
entitled to funds or compensations.          
How do you know that I'm still entitled to assets, funds or monetary compensation?
MC ENTERPRISE LLC, initial research leads us to believe that the funds discuss with you are
still available.   We are willing to assume all risk associated with the claim to the collection
of these funds.              
Why is the urgency to claim for the funds or assests available to me?    
The private sector does invest your money to generate some interest through a period of 
time, therefore the longest the better for this coorporations.      
At the public sector the funds or assets that may belong to you got into a holding account
fund or to a process calles escheatment where this funds are sent to the state goverments
to never be seen again.            
Our company will invest on you.   You will never incur one penny of expense with   
MC ENTERPRISE LLC.   We pay for everything including: notaries, couriers, filing fees, 
attorneys, accountants, internet researchers and developers, paperwork nor office staffing.
We only get paid when your claim gets paid and recover.      
By signing the documentation is the only way we can proceed legally to represent you, 
otherwise the agency will refuse to del with the case.   Our contingency fee agreement is
very simple and reliable in how to proceed with the claim, if succesful.  All documents that
you need to sign pertain only to your particular claim and give us no power relating to 
any other private matter.  We will not have acces to your personal financial information, or 
the ability to make decisions on your behalf relating to other than this claim.  All documents
signing will be done in the presence of a licensed notary public.    
What is the process for obtaining my assets, funds or monetary compensation?  
An agreement is authorized between you and MC ENTERPRISE LLC, to begin the recovery 
process.  Once the agreement then our professional staff will handle the paper work needed
to complete the process.  At times the entity holidng the assets may require additional 
documentation that could potentially delay the process.      
The entities currently holding your funds will require copies of geverment issued Id such as
driver's license, passport, state identification card, or social security card.  If you have 
changed your name or address, a verification of this changes will also be required.  This 
information is used to verify that you are the correct legal beneficiary of the assets or 
monetary compensation as opposed to someone using your identity to fraudulently gain
access to your private information.          
Where can I get a doucument notarized?          
When you are ready to proceed, MC ENTERPRISE LLC, will have a mobile notary who is 
located and licensed in your city and state come to you at your expense.    
Does MC ENTERPRISE LLC, charges a fee?          
No, MC ENTERPRISE LLC, never charges a fee.  The costs MC ENTERPRISE LLC, incurs to obtain
the data that indicates outstanding funds due to you, to locate you, to prepare and file the
legal documents necessary to claim your funds, to retain outside counsel if necessary, to 
pay and mandated filing fees, and to monito the status of your claim are all included in the 
professional services agreement between MC ENTERPRISE LLC and you.    
What is my guaranty being involved with MC ENTERPRISE LLC?    
All documentation and transactions are done through a reputable attorney who is in good
standings with the Bar Association.            
Why do I need MC ENTERPRISE LLC, services to recover monies owed to me?  
While you do not have to use MC ENTERPRISE LLC, to recover your assets, funds or monies, it
is highly unlikely that you would locate and succesfully recover thes funds withouth the 
assistance of a professional recovery team.   Our group of specialist at MC ENTRPRISE LLC, 
is dedicated to serve you and provide results.        
What if I'm not the person you are looking for?        
If you receive a letter or phone call, but are not the rightful owner of the unclaimed asset,
please let us know, so we can update our records and stop no further correspondence will
be sent to you.  If you know how to contact the rightful owner (or the next of kin), please
advise us so we can correspond with the appropriate person, or if you would prefer to 
forward our letter to the owner directly.          
What would happen if I don't take any action or decide to do anything?    
If you choose to take no action, the asset will remain unclaimed.  In most cases as we stated 
before the private sector would generate interest on your money through a certain period of
time, while the public sector will beneffit from the interest generated of the unclaimed 
funds, it is critial to act on a timely manner in order to collect your unclaimed assets, the
escheatment after a small period of time block any legal action for the claimant to proceed 
the Escheatment Process is critical element of our bussines by protecting your interest
making you aware of this assets or funds available to you on a narrow period of time to be
claimed by the individuals to whom it belongs, then the agency by law or federal regulations
must hold these funds turning over to a secure bulk never able to claim again.   
Do I have to pay taxes on the money that I receive?        
We suggest you should consult a professional tax advisor to determine if there is any liability
on your behalf.              
How long would this process takes?          
An estimated time of about 30 days or less after our diligence is performed.  When we are
satisfied to assume the risk, payment is assured.        
Will I be required to show up in court?          
No. MC ENTERPRISE LLC, have an attorney that would handle the process every step of the 
way and has assume all the risk and cost up front, whitouth any extra charge to you.
Your designated account executive or agent at MC ENTERPRISE LLC, will do all the work for 
What is the company's philosophy?          
MC ENTERPRISE LLC, is a family oriented an operating bussines focus on helping families 
reunite with their unclaimed funds, we are based on the values of integrity and honesty as  
we believe every human being should achieve the opportunity for the "American dream".